Here are some of the projects outside of my day job which I am or have been working on.


This is a performance testing tool built with Go


This is a JavaScript mocking library.


This is a Python port of the Deride project.

Secure Communications

This is a bit of a dumping ground I am using to investigate interoperating C with Go and Node.js. Currently this projects using libxml and libsec with Go to create a simple API Gateway which will verify a signed XML payload.


Enanos is an investigation tool built in Go in the form of a HTTP server with several endpoints that can be used to substitute the actual http service dependencies of a system. In the future I want to use it as a forwarding proxy and support different protocols like AMQP and the different SQL protocols.


An Object Capability Based HTTP API Security Gateway built in Go. Using HTTP as the basis for object capabilities. I am using this project to help me learn more about the Object Capability Model. A good write up on this can be found here