Andrew Rea

Independent Technical Architect, Software Engineer and Consultant

About me

My name is Andrew Rea and I have been working in Software Development for over ten years. Primarily working with web technologies on the .NET platform, I have worked on several high traffic web sites, for well known brands in the United Kingdom. Early in my career I worked with VB6 and classic ASP, moving into the .NET 1.X framework and continuing through to the latest versions using C#. I am currently enjoying with with native C and interoperating with GOLANG and node.js. My primary languages are GOLANG, Javascript, Python and C for many reasons incuding preference but also since they cover all bases across all operating systems. Currently I am Independent Technical Architect, Software Engineer and Consultant.


  • Golang
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C


  • Node.js
  • .NET
  • Docker


  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka


  • MongoDB
  • Couchbase
  • Memcache
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL


  • Secure development, deployment and operational practices
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • SOA
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behaviour Driven Development
  • XP


  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean


  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows


  • BSc (HONS) E-Business & Technology Management (Liverpool John Moores University)